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Mysql 5.7 Directive Password

Posted by in Databases, Remote, Security

The problem is mysql can not store directive password in shell. If doing repetition for import many sql in file, we must entered password as how many file sql.

Reset Mysql 5.5 Password

Posted by in Databases, Fixing, Linux

MYSQL 5.5 Stop Mysql Service systemctl stop mysqld or

CPU High Performance, INNODB Mysql

Posted by in Databases, Tunning

I learned something amazing about MySQL. If you allocate a single monolithic InnoDB Buffer Pool that is bigger that Total Installed Divided By Number of Physical CPUs, your will incite the OS to regular intervals memory swapping due to a full InnoDB Buffer Pool. MySQL 5.5’s option known as innodb_buffer_pool_instances can be used to split…

unauthenticated user on MYSQL

Posted by in Databases, Fixing, Tunning

Most often stuck connections are due to DNS not resolving properly, which the skip-name-resolve option will help with. Skipping with my.cnf option skip-name-resolve restart mysql

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