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PREUN scriptlet when removing packages | RPM

Posted by in Fixing, Packages

rpm -qa | grep MariaDB | xargs rpm -e –noscripts

Sarg ate inodes

Posted by in Fixing, Linux, Monitoring, Network

An index node (or inode) contains metadata information (file size, file type, etc.) for a file system object (like a file or a directory). There is one inode per file system object. An inode doesn’t store the file contents or the name: it simply points to a specific file or directory. check inode

Docker Error : Error starting daemon: Error initializing network controller

Posted by in Fixing, Linux

sudo rm -r /var/lib/docker/network

Reset Mysql 5.5 Password

Posted by in Databases, Fixing, Linux

MYSQL 5.5 Stop Mysql Service systemctl stop mysqld or

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