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Store Package RPM

Posted by in Linux, Packages

package rpm did not installed could be download and direct to other directory, example download net-tools package and store in /home/wajatmaka yum install net-tools –downloadonly –downloaddir=/home/wajatmaka

Add box vagrant from virtualbox

Posted by in Linux, Packages, Server, Virtualization

1. Listing image VBoxManage list vms output “CentOS6.7” {59051034-c1c8-44cb-b985-cd641b790690}

Squid Proxy Transparent

Posted by in Linux, Monitoring, Network, Server

Install Squid, SquidGuard and Sarg yum install squidGuard sarg squid-helpers squid-debuginfo squid perl-Crypt-OpenSSL openssl httpd httpd-tools mod_ssl gd gd-devel make perl-GD Configuration Squid

Auto mount samba protocol

Posted by in Files System, Linux, Storage

add line in /etc/fstab // /mnt/samba cifs username=docsadm,password=D1Y4x9sw,rw 0 0

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